Top Builders Construction Company In Gurgaon-Gurugram

Top Builders Construction Company in Gurgaon-Gurugram

3S Buildcon is the best construction serving company in Gurgaon it provide quality work at given time and at affordable capitalization and because of this we are the most growing and demanded firm. Our main priority is client’s satisfaction and precise need that leads us to accomplish our target at the given time. We do give quality material that makes us and our project robust.
3S Buildcon is one of the top commercial office interior design companies in Gurgaon. Best Architects with complete corporate designing Solutions.

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Top Builders In Gurgaon

We Can Deliver All Types of Construction and Renovation Projects. The key to our success is professional highly qualified staff that clearly knows the range of their responsibilities and excellently manages them. The company has all the necessary equipment and specialized equipment, which can be installed without interruption, fast and timely.

Years of excellent experience, multilevel theoretical knowledge base and a great potential allow us to be a leader and a worthy competitor for the best builders companies offering their services in Gurgaon. As a construction firm in Gurgaon Our Company is expanding year after year.

We are the most experienced Construction Company in Gurgaon and always give on time-delivery. 3S Buildcon is the best construction serving company in Gurgaon it provide quality work at given time and at affordable capitalization and because of this we are the most growing and demanded firm. Our main or primary priority is client’s satisfaction and exact need/desire which leads us to accomplish our target at the given time. We do provide the best quality material which makes us as well as our project strong.

We are the best construction company. If anyone searching for construction firms the sense projects is the best choice for you. We have 1300+ happy clients for whom we have worked. Our work includes high quality of raw materials, skilled workers and highly qualified and mentally strong technical team. There are many reasons why we are the best; one of the best reasons as to why we come under one of the top builders in Gurgaon is that our clients are happy by our work.

Things to keep in mind before starting any Construction Company In Gurgaon

Under the correct circumstances, starting your own construction company can be a very profitable venture. If you’ve got experience in construction and would love to begin your own company, it’s vital that you first research the necessary business considerations, requirements, safety standards and laws before you set about starting your company.

Things to keep in mind before starting any building construction work are listed below:

1. Pricing And Estimating

Before you’ll be able to begin to trade, it’s important to have a well thought out pricing and estimating process in place. Most clients will expect to be given a fixed, lump sum amount for the work that they require doing, so it’s important that you are fully aware of how much your materials, direct labor, equipment and overheads cost in order to make a profit.

2. Completion Schedule

Always make sure that you have enough time to complete a project and that your estimated completion schedule is sufficient to cover the amount of work that needs to be done. You should always allow for some contingency time in the schedule in order to cover minor delays, equipment problems, weather issues etc. that may occur.

3. Contract

You should develop a comprehensive contract form that may be used with each of your clients. It’s important to ensure that all of your contracts include a well-defined scope of work, good terms of payment, your available schedule and a clause for claims and other extras. Throughout the course of any project you must be ready to document any changes.


Before setting up a construction company it’s crucial that you get correct insurance cover. Securing the right business insurance coverage is essential to protect yourself and your company from any claims against property damage or personal injury that may occur.

FAQ: Building Construction Work In Gurgaon

Not all contractors are created equal. If you’re considering a remodeling or construction project there are some things you should know in order to be an educated consumer. Following is a list of questions or queries that will help you determine if you’re hiring a licensed professional contractor.

Why should I Hire a Company like yours as my General Contractor

3S Buildcon has a proven track record and is fully licensed and insured for all services we provide. We only bid on jobs that we have familiarity with, availability for, and with the man power, tools, equipment, and sub-contractors to complete. Feel free to read our reviews on Angie’s List.

What about Budget Overruns or Unforeseen Costs

This is by far one of the most overlooked yet essential considerations. Contractors typically offer estimates based only what they can see and don’t include potential additional costs because anything more could lose them the job. At 3S Buildcon; we make a point to have these hard conversations upfront. We openly discuss potential overages by outlining potential issues. For example, if you own an older home or one that has been worked on without permits, the potential for overages is greater and change orders should be anticipated. We have a change order policy that does not penalize a client for unforeseen conditions, forcing the duration of a job to extend.

What do you need from me, the Client

The successful completion of a construction project doesn’t just depend on hiring the right contractor. As the client, be as clear and specific as you can in what you’d like done. If you can, provide example pictures. Don’t be afraid to ask for estimates, scopes of work and change orders in writing so that you have a record. Also, make sure to communicate any questions or concerns as soon as you can. Try to communicate in writing, such as email, to avoid potential miscommunication further down the line.

What Kind of Communication can I expect during the Job

I believe availability between the client and the contractor is critical to a job’s success. 3S Buildcon makes a point to detail our daily job-site accomplishments in a running log which is attached to our invoicing. We even note the conversations we have with our clients for future reference. We make it a point to have our clients agree to check their email daily, and respond at their earliest convenience when necessary. When we are on your job I make every effort answer your call.

3S Buildcon is able to provide containment services that stop the migration of dust and debris, and we run air scrubbers with HEPA filters to clean the air. We give as much notice as possible when we shut down a utility, and work as quickly as we can to limit the down time. We place disposable runners in any path we use throughout your home and can bring our own portable restrooms to the job sites, when requested.

We make it a point to use vendors and sub-contractors with whom we have an established relationship. Why? Because, when we do, jobs run smoother which results in a lower cost and time outlay for you. Having an existing relationship with a vendor or subcontractor means we become their priority; they know how we work and we know how they work. We get the best of their material knowledge and delivery schedules, which results in a better project for everyone.

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